Dr Andy Hickson - Counsellor

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Who I am.

I am a counsellor, guide and mentor. I work one-to-one or using groupwork with children, young people and adults of all ages and abilities. Change and uncertainty are part of our lives. I believe that if we want to see positive change in our lives then we can take action through honest reflective open dialogue.

What I can offer you.

I provide a confidential, calm and safe space for groups and individuals where you can feel listened to, accepted and gently challenged. My approach is intuitive and creative, designed to help you deal with change in the shortest possible time while creating the basis for lasting positive improvements. Flexible, convenient, online appointments and face to face in my accessible, comfy and safe therapeutic room. I work with you at your pace to achieve your best hopes for your life.













Counselling as a journey

Counselling can offer a journey of self-discovery and increased self-knowledge, having this knowledge can help with acceptance, and then positive change can occur. You may have reached a junction in your life, choices to make and paths to take. You might be dealing with issues of anger or suffer bullying or find yourself always being labeled the victim. Maybe you are having relationship issues, find yourself stuck and not knowing what to do. Perhaps you have suffered trauma, loss or pain and are unable to deal with it. You could feel lonely, different, misunderstood, picked on, not listened to and in need of support, guidance and reassurance.

You can join me in face-to-face counselling or supervision at my lovely quiet studio based near the beach of Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, England, just a short walk from Weston train station. I also offer online sessions around the world. In addition I offer one-to-one sessions in schools, colleges and the workplace. Counselling, guiding and mentoring can be one-to-one (myself and the client) or as groupwork (couples, families or small work-group workshops).

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