Domain For Sale:

A Present

This is a great site for ebaying, promotion and something or other

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I Power I

Get a website without the work!

This is a free domain with 1 years worth of webspace with a usable dynamic management system installed for all of your content. The domain "" is put into your name - you decide if you want to keep it after a year - this is a no tie-down contract we are offering, a complete and usable system, that would normally cost 500-1000 and with this domain name is probably worth a lot more!!

What You See Is What You Get!

Find out what its like to have one of those really professional websites that you have seen on the internet, and without having to put it all together!!

  • Choose your own theme
  • Choose what functionality you would like
  • Corporate systems
  • Personal systems
  • You choose what you want

Bonus - this is a live site, we have already done the work in registering it with search engines etc

We provide a basic service, offering you the completed project/system.

All pages have a similar look and feel to them, and you decide on what you want to show to your competitors, friends or colleagues alike.

Look at 4 examples here:

1) 2) 3) 4)

This is a one time offer - and we won't be selling many more of these as we have to get rid of these domain names very very quickly. They are HOT, but not Hot as in underhand dealings, but HOT as in baked potato, get them while they are HOT HOT HOT!!! And then sit back on your bot bot bot!

You can do many things with these websites, choose from any of the following:

  • Show off more pictures of your items that you have on ebay
  • Create a community forum
  • Let people create
  • accounts on your website
  • Integrated Admin Section
  • News System
  • Commenting on News Items
  • Site Private Messaging System
  • Articles & Reviews
  • Banner system for other sites
  • Make Your Own Custom Pages
  • Community Forum
  • Integrated Search
  • Calendar/Organiser
  • logging
  • Polls
  • User login
  • Chatbox
  • Have site in different language
  • Clock
  • Counter
  • Inteligent Integrity Checking
  • user Theming
  • Provide a FAQ system for your customers
  • Jot down your activities into a cool and friendly Calendar
  • Choose the functionality
  • Easy update - don't learn new code!
  • Gain useful tools
  • Includes your personal emails
  • Accessible anywhere in the world

In fact get yourself organised and proper, make your office paperless and keep it all in one place that only you can access from wherever you are - because only you have the password key, which you can change as often as you like.