Bleadon Children - who are we?



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Bleadon Children was set up by local Bleadon resident Andy Hickson. We want to highlight the positive and what's good about the young people of Bleadon. We want to ensure that all Bleadon children have the right to high quality education and good facilities for hanging out, playing and chilling in Bleadon.

We want to help protect our open spaces, green environment and farmland, but we also want spaces such as the youth club and Coronation Halls developed further to cater for the needs of our ever growing population of young people.

Things are improving all the time. For example, you can see from the picture on the right that Bleadon Youth Club used to be closed during the Summer. Since North Somerset Council reduced its Youth Club provision - which meant cutting funding to most local Youth Clubs, locval residents have had to take control of the provision themselves. Bleadon Youth Club now opens more days and will be open in the summer months. Great news.

The youth are our future - lets ensure that they play full roles in helping all of us develop the future of Bleadon for positive and inclusive growth.