Actionwork® and the DFES / DCSF

Actionwork® produced 'Making The Difference' for the DFES / DCSF

At the request of the Government Actionwork® Films brought together a group of young people who were members of the I Power I Crew, trained them up in anti-bullying workshop facilitation skills and basic camera and filming techniques, then toured all over the country with them to primary and secondary schools.

The I Power I Crew ran workshops, created scenes and interviewed over 1000 young people on camera. This has been edited in to a short film which has just had its premiere at the National Film Theatre (NFT1) in London for Anti Bullying Week 2005. The film is available free on DVD to all schools in the country. This DVD in addition to being an anti-bullying resource is also an evaluation of the 'Make The Difference' Conferences run by the DfES in 2004.

Making The Difference is from a young people's perspective for young people.

You can see this film online by visiting the Teacher Net. You can also order a free copy of the DVD from the DfES by writing to: Richard Laskier, Improving Behaviour in Schools Team, Department for Education and Skills, Sanctuary Buildings, Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BT. Or you can telephone: 0870 000 2288 and Email:

Actionwork® - Making The Difference - A resource film to deal with issues of bullying.

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