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My name is Andy and I love to travel. I have just started to write about some of my travels. As soon as they have been written up I will make them available here. To read them please click on the active links. Many thanks, peace and onelove goes to all those that have traveled with me. Please e-mail andy@whosreality.co.uk with any comments or feedback.

  • UK to Morocco by Motorbike
  • 2-years living in a South East Asian rainforest
  • Hitchhiking through the Algerian Sahara desert
  • Through India and Nepal by bus in search of a grave
  • 3-years hitchhiking across Europe
  • Driving from England to Greece for a wedding
  • Climbing Mt Fuji and crying in Hiroshima
  • Romania, wolves, bears and the Carpethian mountains
  • Palestine and the West Bank, in search of a peace
  • Gambling in Las Vegas, and winning





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