Anti-Bullying Conferences

  • Conference services:
  • We can help you produce your anti-bullying conference
  • We can produce an anti-bullying conference for you or in partnership with you
  • We can provide speakers for your anti-bullying conference
  • We can provide creative workshops for your anti-bullying conference
  • We can film your conference and edit/produce a DVD of your anti-bullying conference
  • Who do we work with:
  • Schools
  • Local Authorities
  • Goverment Departments
  • Charities
  • Youth Services

If you would like help with an anti-bullying conference please give us a call

Actionwork® produced Britain's first National Anti-Bullying Conference for Young People and the world's first International Anti-Bullying Festival. Actionwork's Anti-Bullying Conferences have been described as "the best fun we have ever had dealing with bullying".

Here is an example of an Actionwork® Anti-Bullying Conference on film. Here is another example on the web.

Our Anti-Bullying Conferences have attracted young people and adults from all over the UK and abroad. We have showcased the best in dealing with bullying, the latest strategies, the organisations doing incredible work and the peer support programmes and other anti-bullying initiatives run by young people in schools. Celebrities love to come to our events. We have had Government ministers, the head of the DCSF, head of the Anti Bullying Alliance, celebs such as Gemma Bissix (Hollyoaks and Eastenders), Esther Rantzen (Childline), Steve Borthwick (England Rugby Captain), Graham Linehan (Father Ted, Black Books, The IT Crowd), Ian Whybrow (Harry and the Dinosaurs), Lance Lewis (World KBC) and the So Solid Crew.

There have also been workshops, films, displays, graffiti walls, music, DJs, petitions, info stands, games, competitions, and dancing, along with loads of other activities. All of our anti-bullying conferences are produced in partnership and in association with a wide range of groups, organisations and individuals.

We have also hosted awards such as the Damilola Young Achiever of the Year Award and the National Anti-Bullying Music Competition. One of our specialities is involving young people (such as the ipoweri crew). Anti-Bullying Conferences and events in the planning and production of anti-bullying conferences and events. If you feel that we can help you, please call us for a chat or drop us an e-mail.

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