Actionwork® Arts Centre

The Arts Centre space is currently an empty shell in need of roof repairs, general flooring, partition walls and a sprung floor for the performance space. We will be laying down floors in the general areas in the centre, use partitioning to create two office spaces to be rented out to practitioners who hold the same values as us; thus allowing us to offer more services to the people we will be catering for. Repair the roof to not only seal the centre from the outside elements but to alter the roof's current shape to create a further space in the upstairs portion of the building. A sprung floor in the performance space would also enable us to deliver high quality, practical sessions not only focusing on Drama but also on dance, movement based activities, circus skills, ensemble work and physical theatre. These open, warm and welcoming spaces we are looking to create wioll help to underpin the holistic approach we take towards young people who have fallen victim to bullying or have had their confidence knocked by improving their social, physical and mental health.

Programmes at the Arts Centre:


The building that will become the Actionwork® Arts Centre is currently undergoing renovation. Until the building is ready we will be using alternative premises for each of our local programmes.

The Arts Centre will be based in Weston-super-Mare and be a hub of creativity, theatre and education.

Please contact us for details and more information.

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