Artistic and general policy

  • Actionwork® is:
  • - a film, theatre, anti-bullying, empowering, social theatre and educative organisation
  • - an equal opportunity employer
  • - has a policy of employing people in terms of their skills and their merits, regardless of culture, class, gender, colour, creed, race, sexual orientation, age and disability
  • - a local, national and international organisation


Actionwork’s work is based on respect. Within this the Company aims to break down barriers and restrictive attitudes in people and societies that are disrespectful.

Actionwork® has a commitment to cross-cultural exchange and communication, performs to anyone regardless of background, demeanour, situation or circumstance and will perform in any suitable conventional or unconventional venue provided.

Actionwork® members and workers work in partnership together with an emphasis on teamwork, are expected to be positive and professional at all times and must present Actionwork® and it’s members in a professional and positive light at all times.

  • Actionwork® aims and has a commitment to:
  • promoting educative, entertaining and high quality theatre and film
  • showing the importance of action and groupwork activity in its programmes of work
  • finding new styles of creative presentation and supporting activities
  • developing programmes of work in conjunction with partners & clients
  • being open and responsive to the views and aspirations of young people
  • collaborating with schools, Local Authorities and other organisations
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