Actionwork leading the way in creatively dealing with bullying

Actionwork is the leading theatre and film company dealing with bullying in the world, the universe and in Weston-super-Mare!.

We produced the world's first anti-bullying festival and Britain's first national anti-bullying conference for young people. Each year we tour the national anti-bullying roadshow all over the UK and abroad. We produce anti-bullying films, anti-bullying shows, anti-bullying workshops, anti-bullying training and provide a whole host of anti-bullying resources.

Actionwork is the official anti-bullying resource centre for the Glastonbury Festival.

Actionwork has produced anti-bullying films for the Government and for the Anti-Bullying Alliance. In addition Actionwork has carried out research on anti-bullying accreditation for schools and Local Authorities and academic research on anti-bullying peer support.

Bullying can be a difficult subject to explore or tackle. There are many different groups offering all kinds of resources to deal with bullying, and it can sometimes be a confusing minefield to navigate. What is the best way to stop bullying? How can we involve young people in creating and anti-bullying ethos? Where can I find creative resources to assist and back-up my teaching? How can I stop my child from being bullied? What does Every Child Matters mean to me? What does the word bullying actually mean? These are all questions that are raised time and time again.

At Actionwork, with over 18 years of dealing with strategies to tackle bullying, we can offer you a variety of creative programmes to help you.

See our latest Anti Bullying Programmes here.

Examples of Previous Actionwork Anti-Bullying Initiatives

Recent Actionwork Anti-Bullying Programmes

  • 2013 Anti Bullying Training in Malaysia
  • 2013 Anti Bullying Workshops in Brasil
  • 2013 National Anti Bullying Roadshow
  • 2013 National Anti Bullying Week Competition
  • 2012 National Anti Bullying Creative Workshop Tour
  • 2012 Development of Anti Bullying Adult and Workplace Bullying Training Courses
  • 2012 Anti Bullying Adventure to the Sahara for the Anti Bullying Alliance
  • 2012 Anti Bullying Training Tour in Zambia
  • 2011 Peer Support projects in Romania
  • 2011 Virtual shows and workshops in the Anti Bullying Village in Open Sim
  • 2011 National INSET Training Tour
  • 2011 National Anti Bullying Roadshow
  • 2010 Official Anti-Bullying Resource Centre for the Glastonbury Festival
  • 2010 National Anti-Bullying Workshop Tour
  • 2010 Virtual Anti-Bullying Workshops in the Anti-Violence Campus in Second Life
  • 2009 Anti-Bullying Roadshow tour (Cyber Scream) to over 100 schools across the UK
  • 2009 Anti Bullying and Racism (33 Skins) special tour of schools all over Dorset
  • 2008 Anti-Bullying Roadshow tour (Clash) to over 150 schools across the UK
  • 2007 Anti-Bullying Roadshow tour (Silent Scream) to over 100 schools across the UK
  • 2007 Japan-UK Peer mentoring project
  • The 2006 South West Region Accreditation Scheme for Schools
  • Consultant and organiser for Romania's first national anti-bullying conference 2006
  • Dorset Youth Sevice Anti-Bullying Policy 2006
  • Consultant for Walsall's anti-bullying conference 2006
  • 2006 National anti-bullying music competition
  • National Anti-Bullying Conference for Young People 2005
  • Evaluation of the nine regional 'Making The Difference' anti-bullying conferences for the DfES 2005
  • London Anti-Bullying Alliance promotional video 2004
  • Britains first ever national anti-bullying conference for young people in 2003
  • ipoweri Damilola Taylor Young Achiever of the Year Award 2003-2007.
  • 15 National tours of our award winning show 'Silent Scream' 1994 - 2007
  • 1992 - 2010 Anti-Bullying consultants and facilitators to Local Authorities and Schools up and down the country
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