Actionwork® at Glastonbury Festival

The Actionwork® Anti Bullying Village


Actionwork® are the official Anti Bullying Resource Centre for the Glastonbury Festival.
The Actionwork® Anti Bullying Village is based in the Green Futures Field.

The Actionwork® Anti Bullying Village has been part of the Glastonbury Festival in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 (there was no festival in 2012 due to the Olympics and allowing the fields to 'rest' and recover), 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 (no fstival in 2018 allowing the fields to 'rest') and 2019 and provides anti-bullying resources, shows, workshops,
and information to tens of thousands of festival goers.

The Green Futures Field is located opposite Croissant Neuf in the Greenfields and have been providing an important contribution to the festival since 1990 keeping the green agenda at the forefront of the Greenest festival ever. In an area dedicated to creative change and Eco problem solving. The Green Futures Field is brimming with ideas and a frenzy of colours. With Solar Venues, Exhibits, Market leaders and stages such as Toad Hall, Tadpole Stage, Mandala Stage, Small World Stage, Speakers Forum and of course the Actionwork® Anti Bullying Village. Check our this video for a taste of the Green Futures Field in 2009.


Each year The Actionwork® Anti Bullying Village brings festival goers a whole host of creative activities to support and help people deal with bullying. These include Creative workshops, voice and empowerment workshops, empowerment rituals, the blind olympics, drum, percussion and music jams, Columbian Hypnosis, gameshows, How to speak up, it’s all in the head sessions, poetry slams, meditation, Anti Bullying Festival Run, powerful shows and performances, wake up workshops, anti bullying craft, bullying Haikus, choreography & characterisation, anti bullying massage, bands, singers and musicians, live performances, the power of spoken word, intrinsic frequencies, acting for change, Blind Car, trust games, confidence boosters, friendship, feeling good about yourself, painting your emotions, power & creativity, the Great Game of Power, one-to-one counselling and anti-bullying information and assistance.



The Actionwork® Anti Bullying Village has been supported by a wide range of organisations and individuals. We would particularly like to say a hug thanks to Fender for supplying a PA, Printing Dot Com for the new banner, Jewson of Weston for the wood, Formula First of Weston for the batteries, Bimble Solar and Cambridge Solar both provided solar panels to help power our solar stage, The T-Shirt Emporium in Weston-super-Mare for our Actionwork® T-shirts and Weston College staff and students painted our photo boards I also want to thank Matt Neale for the loan of his trailer and Dave Pritchard for the loan of two large batteries and of course big thanks to Sam Hermitage and Jean Vidler for their continued support. Actionwork® are members of the Anti Bullying Alliance (ABA) and winners of the Anti Bullying Flame Award.

The Actionwork® team are all volunteers at the festival, we do not make any profit from running the Anti Bullying Village and festival goers are not charged anything to participate in our activities. We therefore rely on the good will of organisations and individuals such as these to help us present such a wonderful and varied programme.

Actionwork® are always looking for new sponsors and collaborators, if you can help us please get in touch, we would love to here from you.


What do Actionwork® Do at the festival?


Actionwork® perform in a variety of venues at the Glastonbury Festival including at Speakers Forum, the Green Futures First Stop Stage, The Rum Shack, in the Theatre Field, beside the Stone Circle, around the festival site and on the Actionwork Anti Bullying stages including the Actionwork Solar Stage, The Actionwork Marquee, and in the Actionwork outside competative area.

Actionwork® favourites include anti-bullying shows:

Actionwork® Anti Bullying Workshops:

Actionwork® Photo Boards:

Actionwork® Blind Confidence Runs:

Actionwork® Anti Bullying Mask Making:

Actionwork® Anti Bullying Massage:

Actionwork® unofficial stages:

A large part of the Actionwork® Creative Programme includes anti-bullying performances. Shows presented at the festival include Cyber Tears, Silent Scream, Chroncicle of a bully, It's All In Your Head, Glastonbully and Face. In addition to these scripted shows we perform interactive role-plays where audience members can get involved in the action and help make situations better for people.

Every year at the Glastonbury Festival Internationally acclaimed Film and Social Theatre group Actionwork provides a specialist dedicated anti-bullying team on site at the festival. In summary Actionwork® produces interactive anti-bullying creative workshop sessions, anti-bullying shows, support, and anti-bullying resources and information. In addition the Actionwork® team provides some multi-cultural storytelling for peace and, using the creative arts, help people raise their self esteem and personal confidence, while trying to find ways to end violence in our schools and in our society. Workshops are energised, powerful and a whole heap of fun.

Sessions and resources are for adults and children. Please join us in the Green Futures field for one of our workshops, some information, to collect some anti-bullying freebies, to sign our anti-bullying petition or just to have a chat.


For more information about the Actionwork®Anti Bullying Village please Contact Us. We are available to bring our Anti Bullying Village to other festivals, if you are interested then drop us a line of chat to us. In 2014 we were interviewed on Glastonbury FM about the festival. You can listen to the podcast here.

If you would like to see more photos of the Actionwork® Anti Bullying Village check out these albums on Facebook:


Special thanks to the Actionwork® volunteers over the years who include: Dan Pryce, Thomas Glibert, Andy Hickson, Sophie Hickson, Kaia Hickson, Mir Hickson, Julia Morgan, Olivia Morgan, Roanna Bond, Zak Chowdhury, Tali Kallstrom, Ben Sayer, Pen Lee, Sam Morris, Elieen Walsh, Jonathon Pryce, Becky Brynolf, Madi Shrimpton, Gemma Edgecombe, Phillipa James, Louis Brzozka, Hayley Wetheral, Abi Chalk, Martin Putesha, Sarah Bickerton, Gethin Bickerton, Simeon Dallas, Peter Stine, Sue Jennings, Keeley Harrison, Paul Sandell, Hannah Westcott, Nivana Bartlett, Karl Griffiths, Chris Singleton, Steven Depoortere and Sally Griffiths and of course everyone else who has helped out. You are all very much appreciated.

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For more information see the festival programme, the Green Futures filed information point, the E-Festivals website, the Actionwork® website, or see the Actionwork®staff in the Green Futures field - we are the ones wearing the green or the white Actionwork® tee-shirts!

Next time you are at the festival please come and say hello or join in in one of our creative sessions. Thank you.

Actionwork®, PO Box 433, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset BS24 0NF Tel: 01934 815163 Web:

You can find out more about the Glastonbury Festival here.

To see the full Actionwork® festival programme of activities check out this page: Anti Bullying Village This page also contains archive material from previous festivals.