International Action

Actionwork® tours worldwide. If you want a show, a creative training programme, a series of workshops or you would like us to make a film with you please contact us with your requirements. In addition if you would like any of our UK based shows or other programmes to extend a tour into your country then all you need to do is talk to us to make it happen.

We can also provide you with a wide range of services including:

  • Creating, performing and touring a show on a variety of subjects
  • Designing and running workshops and activities
  • Producing promotional video and photographic material
  • Film making
  • Writing show scripts, stories and activity books
  • Providing courses in actionwork and theatre in education
  • Peace education, bullying advice and violence prevention
  • Helping you in the art of having fun
  • Providing speakers for events and conferences


International Actionwork® projects


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