Positive slogans

Actionwork in conjunction with the Anti-Bullying Alliance came up with a free activity idea for Anti-Bullying Week.

This idea is about stepping away from using negative language to promote and raise awareness of your school's policy on dealing with bullying. Students should try laterally to give a positive slant on their message or slogan, for example; suggest that they think outside the box of using words like 'anti', 'smash', 'beat', 'stamp', 'fight', and so on.

These slogans could then be displayed around the school and placed on the school's website. Other classes such as those in the school's Art Department could use some or all of the slogans created by their students to create a poster which also could be displayed.

Any slogans sent by the school (one per school) to Actionwork will be displayed on the Actionwork website free of charge, with a written credit to the school next to their nominated slogan.

Please contact us for more details.


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