Silent Scream

Silent Scream is one of Actionwork's most popular award winning anti-bullying shows. Silent Scream was written by Dr Andy Hickson.

Silent Scream has succesfully toured to schools, colleges, temples, theatres, youth centres and community halls all over the UK, Japan, Norway and France. We first toured Silent Scream in 1994 and since then have undertaken 14 national and international tours, being performed to over 100,000 people worlwide.

Thousands of young people are bullied every week in Britain, Childline receives hundreds of calls every month about bullying. Many other children suffer in silence. For some people, bullying is, quite literally, a matter of life or death ....

Tragically, bullying is a white-hot educational issue, and most schools are keen to play an active part in confronting it. Silent Scream - is a high impact production examining bullying and victimisation - is providing a very important focus, nationally, for schools' anti-bullying campaigns and awareness strategies.

Silent Scream allows schools to make a strong statement of non-tolerance towards bullying, while giving their students the chance to explore the issue, and the importance of their own role in combating it. Silent Scream's dual goal is awareness-raising and empowerment.

  • Silent Scream can be performed to 500 students at a time.
  • The Silent Scream workshop can be run with up to 500 students at a time.
  • Silent Scream can be performed twice in one day.
  • Silent Scream raises key questions within the issues.
  • Silent Scream is highly entertaining, as well as being powerful, evocative and thought provoking.
  • Silent Scream has been endorsed by schools and young people all over the UK and abroad
  • Silent Scream can include an active discussion workshop led by Theatre in Education (TIE) professionals.

About the Silent Scream show.

Silent Scream is a one-person play, with live percussion, exploring the horrors of bullying and victimisation. Geoff gets it from all sides. How can he stop the beatings from Mikey? Why does Geoff get picked on? Follow his jouney through reality and fantasy searching for a stop to the terror. With a mixture of rap and soul songs, dance, drumming, mime and story-telling we are confronted with some of his pain and anguish.

Written by Dr Andy Hickson, this play does not preach or condescend, it is hard hitting, realistic and tells it as it is.

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