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sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment.

Sexual Harassment is an issue that can affect everyone. Actionwork® has developed a series of creative and interactive Sexual Harassment workshops for Primary and Secondary schools currently touring all over the UK. You can Book Here

Actionwork® has developed these workshshops in line with UK Government and Department of Education guidelines: "It is important that schools consider how to reflect sexual violence and sexual harassment in their whole school approach to safeguarding and in their child protection policy" (Education Gov UK).

The Anti-Bullying Week unique Anti Bullying Roadshow for Anti Bullying Week or the Special Creative Anti Bullying Week packages to empower your students are now available for schools to book.

Actionwork® has tours shows and creative workshops on a wide range of topics to primary and secondary schools, colleges, theatres and work places all over the UK and abroad.













Not just a Theatre Company

Actionwork® provides INSET and peer support training, conferences, festival and event production, courses, filming projects, resources, counselling, empowerment programmes, confidence building and a wide range of creative educational programmes for adults and young people on all kinds of issues and topics such as health, racism, sexual harassment, teenage pregnancy, cyberbullying, homophobia, body image, drug misuse, self-harm, citizenship, relationships, friendships, transitions, PSHE and safeguaring issues.

We can tour to your school, venue or workplace to deliver your chosen project, or we also offer in-house activities and projects at our Creative Arts Centre.

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