Anti-Bullying Roadshow 2017

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The 2017 Anti-Bullying Roadshow is touring the UK and abroad from the 6th November - 1st December 2017.

NEWSFLASH: Dates are booking up fast. Touring All Over The UK

With each roadshow booking you get free anti-bullying posters to display round your school, an anti-bullying resource dvd, a 2017 lesson plan, Priority entry in the Actionwork Anti Bullying Week Competition, Anti Bullying Support for a year after our visit and Reduced price INSET and Peer Support training packages after our visit.

The Roadshow complements the themes for Anti-Bullying Week and Anti Bullying Month.

This is the best and most amazing roadshow we have ever created. You will be amazed, you will be entertained and you will want more. The Roadshow is powerful, fun and exciting. Includes, music, science, strategies and the most up-to-date research and information on bullying possible. The bully behind bullying in one amazing extravaganza.

The Roadshow lasts for 60-minutes and can be performed to a whole year group at a time.

The Roasdshow can be complemented by additional creative interactive workshops - please ask for details.

Every year Actionwork produces the national and international Anti-Bullying Roadshow. This tours to schools, youth clubs, colleges, universities and parent groups all over the UK and abroad. Each year we link the theme of the roadshow with the theme for Anti-Bullying Week. Previous roadshows have included: Power For Good, Cyber Tears, The Science of Bullying, Chronicle of a Bully, Cyber Scream, Clash, and Silent Scream. Our anti-bullying roadshow has been called the ultimate theatre-in-education experience.

If you have booked the roadshow and want to download posters to print off for your school please check these links. Please be aware that they are big files and so will take a little while to download:

Anti Bullying Week Roadshow Poster 1
Anti Bullying Week Roadshow Poster 2
2015 Anti Bullying Week Roadshow Poster 3
2016 Anti Bullying Week Roadshow Poster 4
2017 Anti Bullying Week Roadshow Poster 5


The 2017Roadshow is another amazing event.

In 2017 we will be touring 5 roadshows:
1) Anti Bullying Roadshow for Secondary schools, colleges and adults
2) Anti-Bullying Roadshow for lower end of Primary schools (years 3 and 4)
3) Anti-Bullying Roadshow for upper end of Primary schools (years 5 and 6)
4) Anti Bullying Puppet show for the young ones (nursery, year 1 and 2's)

AND - one specialist Roadshow for advanced groups, peer mentors, peer supporters, ambassadors, trainers and teachers.

The Roadshow is now open for booking. Book our visit by going to our booking page.

If you have booked you can also download and print off our free anti-bullying roadshow poster to display around your school.

The 2017 roadshow really is a special event. A Power or Good. A packed spectacle showcasing a variety of strategies in dealing with bullying and highlighting ways to empowerment. The Anti-Bullying Roadshow is a multi-part package made up of films, presentations, quizzes, interactive workshop elements, lights, prizes sound and some dedicated anti-bullying resources.

The Anti-Bullying Roadshow is high impact production that is positive, fun and engaging. It is suitable for main stream and special schools. Each year we have primary and secondary school versions. The Anti-Bullying Roadshow provides an important focus, for schools' anti-bullying campaigns and provides that 'WOW' factor to students and teachers alike complimenting existing anti-bullying work in schools, colleges and community centres. The Roadshow allows schools and other groups to make a strong statement of non-tolerance towards bullying, while giving their students and young people the chance to explore the issues, and the importance of their own role in dealing with it. The Roadshow's dual goal is awareness-raising and empowerment.

Actionwork's anti-bullying roadshows have attracted widespread acclaim during recent tours, from audiences, host venues and the media alike. In addition:

  • The Roadshow can be performed four times in one day
  • The Roadshow can be performed to a whole year group at a time
  • The Roadshow raises key questions within the issues
  • The Roadshows are highly entertaining, as well as being powerful, evocative and thought provoking
  • Roadshows can be mixed. For example; a primary school can have a puppet show for reception to year 2's, a lower primary show for years 3-4 and an upper primary roadshow for years 5 and 6's if they want - all in one day.


You can book a Roadshow by contacting us.

Read an independant evaluation of Actionwork

Read some recent testimonials about our work from schools in the UK


About the roadshows:

These roadshows are powerful and raise a lot of issues about bullying, cyberbullying, friendship and empowerment. While recongnising that we do not provide magical solutions to bullying or to attempt to solve any issues of bullying you might have in your school, the shows do provide some answers but also leaves others open. The issues raised are perfect for classroom discussions and follow-up work for Anti Bullying Week and beyond.

The secondary school roadshow is suitable for year 7 students right through to adult. The roadshow is gritty, witty, powerful and interactive and does not preach or condescend. There is an element of humour and has a fusion of styles including science, song, dance, quiz, lightshow and wizardry. The roadshow explores bullying from many angles including cyberbullying, face-to-face bullying, violence, name-calling, special educational needs (SEN), anger management, friendships, survival, confidence and empowerment. There is an element of audience interaction. A new and original soundtrack has been produced for the show. The roadshow lasts for 60 minutes.

PLEASE NOTE: The secondary roadshow is also suitable for many year 6 pupils. Contact us for advice on this when booking.

Extracts from previous Secondary Anti Bullying Roadshows



The Primary School Roadshows link with the 2017 theme for anti-bullying week, and are playful, positive and powerful. It is an excellent educational programme full of surprises; fun, energised, creative, including music, song, dance, performance, interactivity, a competition, anti-bullying strategies, e-safety and a whole lot more. Each roadshow lasts an hour and can be performed to large groups if required. The Lower Primary Roadshow is suitable for years 3 and 4. The Upper Primary Roadshow is suitable for years 5 and 6.

Extracts from previous Primary Anti Bullying Roadshows



The puppet roadshow is suitable for foundation stage and year 1 and 2 children (and some year 3's). In 2017 the Puppet Roadshow will look at friendship through storytelling using puppets. The show is great fun, engaging and draws the audience in on a creative journey of sharing and discovery. The puppet show has an interactive creative workshop element where audience members get the chance to talk to and ask questions of the puppets. Maximum numbers for the puppet show are 140.


Extracts from previous Anti Bullying Puppet Roadshows



The adult, colleges and university roadshow is suitable for age 16+ students right through to adult. The roadshow is gritty, witty, powerful and interactive and does not preach or condescend. There is an element of humour and has a fusion of styles including science, song, dance, quiz, lightshow and wizardry. The roadshow explores bullying from many angles including cyberbullying, face-to-face bullying, violence, name-calling, anger management, friendships, survival, confidence and empowerment. There is an element of audience interaction. A new and original soundtrack has been produced for the show. The roadshow lasts for 60 minutes.

The Workshops

The workshop element is incorporated into the Roadshow itself and will include an element of audience interaction.

The roadshows offer no solutions. We showcase a range of strategies for dealing with bullying and positive ways of leading to empowerment. We invite the audience to join us in exploring ways to build confidence and raise awareness to help them deal with situations creatively. The message that we are all responsible for the struggle against bullying is central. Time is spent looking at what the word bullying actually means to us. We look at the strategies available for us to use and even try out a few. Some basic skills are provided to help us deal with bullying and cyberbullying. Time is spent challenging bullying and the negative unproductive behaviours associated with it.


The Resource DVD

This Anti-Bullying Resource DVD is available to all schools who book the roadshow at a 50% discount and is packed full of tips, role-plays, resources and follow-up lesson ideas. In addition to showing some of the horrors of bullying, we are also given examples of how to deal with difficult situations, bullying statistics, interviews, follow-up work and a host of resources.

If you prefer you may have a copy of one of our resource booklets (provided free of charge) instead of the video - let us kow at the time of booking.

The Lesson Plan

Every school that books the Roadshow will be given a one-hour anti-bullying lesson plan to help teachers follow-up our visit. The lesson plan will be creative in nature and engaging and fun for both teachers and students. Activities are clearly outlined and will include suggested timings.

Special Packages

You can now book Anti Bullying Week Special Package that caters for ALL your week's anti-bullying needs.

Feedback on Actionwork's anti-bullying roadshows

Please note that we have been succesfully touring the anti-bullying roadshow throughout the UK and abroad for many years now. In the UK we have toured to London and the south-east, Bristol, Devon and the south-west, Birmingham, Coventry, Nottingham and the midlands, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, York, Warrington and many other parts of the North, Glasgow and Scotland, Cardiff, Swansea and Wales, Isle of man, Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, and all over the UK.

  • "Testimonials" - Read recent full testimonials from schools about Actionwork
  • “Fantastic performances and key messages in the workshops” Jackie Remnant, Peterborough City Council.
  • “Pupils were enthralled and were telling us about it at break time” Anne Greening, Stocks Green School.
  • “Very interactive, worked very well for our young people” Jane Marshall, Ashford School.
  • “Excellent programme, it was great that you reinforced good practices” Damni McCulloch, Christs Hospital Schoo.
  • “Great participation with our students, they had a voice – keep up the good work. Thank you” Tracy Bowen, Ruskin Mill.
  • “Very good show and workshop, staff and pupils all very appreciative and enjoyed the whole experience” Andrea Rider, Cannock Chase High School.
  • “Really enjoyable, our girls responded well and were very engaged. This was an interesting take on bullying” Claire Howard, St Philomenas School.
  • “The performance was excellent and the students learnt a lot about how to deal with difficult bullying situations” Amanda Cottrill, Worle School.
  • “Approachable, friendly, child orientated and appealing to a young audience” C Switsur, St Faiths School.
  • “Actors were incredibly flexible and a pleasure to work with”. L Ward, Farlingaye High School.
  • “Great day, especially the workshop! Nicola Chambers, Priory School.
  • “It really made the students think about bullying and it’s effects”, M Enefer, Chichester School.
  • “Excellent balance of show and workshop” M Temple, Windlestone School.
  • “Brilliant – really enjoyed it and I could see the students were empowered” Ross Williams, National Star College.
  • “Invigorating, really helps us as a school to impress the mesage of anti-bullying” Diane Llewhelin, Cardigan School.
  • “Fab! The children were entranced” Iris Emily Reed, Wallisdean School.
  • “Your team really encouraged the students to get involved and were very supportive towards them” Kelly Corcoran, Colnhouse School.
  • “Fantastic, really friendly atmosphere”, Rachel Kelly, Denbeigh High School.
  • “Brilliant – Many thanks. Our pupils loved it” Melanie Turner, East Hill School.
  • “I liked the ‘no contact’ rule” Nick Hodge, Aston Tower School.
  • “A super activity to support our work on anti-bullying. Pupils were given many strategies for dealing with bullying” Mrs Clark, Ladypool School.
  • “Simply amazing. A brilliant piece of work.” Beverley Hamilton, Whitefields school.
  • ”Entertaining, lively and thoroughly educational.” Thank you. Adrian Bell, Albany Theatre.
  • “This work is a must for all schools.” Talya Rosenbaum, Stoke Newington School.
  • “I never thought dealing with bullying could be so fun.” Gary, St James High School.
  • “High quality theatre and education.” Karl Murray, Head Of Southwark Youth Service.


Read an independant evaluation of Actionwork


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