Cyber Scream

Cyber Scream successfully toured all over the UK and the Isle of Man during in 2009 and at the Glastonbury Festival in 2010. Cyber Scream was written by Dr Andy Hickson and Rebecca Brynolf.

'Cyber Scream’ is a high impact production tackling cyberbullying and victimisation. With a focus on cyberbullying, we also raise other bullying issues including those surrounding disability, 'Cyber Scream' is suitable for main stream and special schools and will have primary and secondary school versions. This shows provides an important focus, for schools' anti-bullying campaigns. 'Cyber Scream' allows schools to make a strong statement of non-tolerance towards bullying, while giving their students the chance to explore the issues, and the importance of their own role in combating it. Cyber Scream's dual goal is awareness-raising and empowerment.

'Cyber Scream' is about people who suffer bullying becuase they are different or because they appear different. The main focus is cyberbullying but we see a wide range of bullying used including disability, violence, isolation and name calling. Davina has always been picked on, it's all she knows - and she's at the limit of her endurance. Why does she get picked on? How can she utilise new technologies to help her rather than oppress her? How can she stop the jeerings from her classmates? How can she tell people she's had enough? How can she let people know how she feels? 'Cyber Scream' is a play exploring the horrors of cyberbullying, bullying and victimisation, and is aimed at young people between the ages of 9 to 18 years. It charts Davina's journey through reality and fantasy, as she searches for an end to the terror. This show is powerful, gritty with an element of humour and has a fusion of styles inlcuding song, dance and storytelling.

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