Actionwork® provides a variety of empowering film-making residencies for schools and youth services

Our practical film-making residencies are about helping your young people or students to make their own film. These film projects engage young people in a very active way and helps them produce high quality films on subjects they and you want. The process includes teaching them how to use a camera, sound and lighting techniques, interviewing skills, directing, acting, creating scripts and engaging with other young people in the school or youth club. Using this process we can work with hard to reach young people including those at risk of exclusion and/or those seen as marginalised in a variety of ways.

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Film Projects

  • Drive For Peace

    A unique adventure of a lifetime overland to Mongolia from the UK

    Follow the experiences of a family who drive to Mongolia, creatively working with people along the way

  • Making the Difference

    A film we made for the DCSF launched at the National Film Theatre

    This film was made by young people for young people. This film is freely available.

  • Recent Film Projects

    These include films we have made for schools, youth services government departments, charities and NGO's

    Check out this page and then book us to make your film.

Topics, issues and film content

People often ask us what we make films about. The list is endless and has taken us all over the world.

We make our own films on a variety of topics. Films for other groups range from bullying to relationships. The list is endless. To give you a few ideas see our film subject page.