Actionwork® Film-Making Residencies

Actionwork® creates and produces digital quality films both in the UK and abroad. We are a small production house ideally suited to small organisations, schools, colleges or those working on a low budget. We have considerable experience making films with young people.

Films we have made with young people have been shown at a variety of venues, including on the internet and at the National Film Theatre (NFT1). In 2006 we streamed a live 2-day youth conference over the internet which was made available all over the world.

For schools and youth clubs we offer the service of creating films with your young people. These film projects engage young people in a very active way and helps them produce high quality films on subjects they and you want. The process includes teaching them how to use a camera, sound and lighting techniques, interviewing skills, directing, acting, creating scripts and engaging with other young people in the school or youth club. Using this process we can work with hard to reach young people including those at risk of exclusion and/or those seen as marginalised in a variety of ways.

Films produced by Actionwork® can help you promote work in your school, youth club, local authority or organisation. They also offer your students or members a chance to learn new skills, have fun and be involved in a projects where the process is just as important as the final product.

Recent Projects include: 'Making the Difference' a film tackling bullying for the Department of Education and Skills (DfES) from a young person's point of view.

Our experience within educational establishments and small organisations makes Actionwork the ideal film maker for those on a low budget who want to produce professional high quality films.

The complete production package can include all the following:

  • Creating activities and programmes for working with young people
  • Engaing young people in the film-making process
  • Training young people in all aspects of producing a film
  • Pre discussion and planning meetings
  • Creation of storyboard
  • Writing of script (if required)
  • Securing of actors (if required)
  • Choosing locations
  • Filming the raw footage
  • Viewing rushes and creating paper edit
  • Editing film
  • Post production meetings
  • Final film edit
  • Production of master copy
  • Production of copies

All equipment and materials are included.

Follow this link for an example residency we can run with young people.

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