Actionwork's Anti Bullying Week Competition 2017

Actionwork's 2017 Free Anti-Bullying Week Competition: 'All Different All Equal'. Is now officially open.

Actionwork produces a FREE anti-bullying week competition every year. This competition is a chance for students and schools to win prizes, to help schools have a focus for their anti-bullying work, to promote creativity in dealing with bullying and to showcase the anti-bullying work of young people across the UK.

To enter the 2017 competition please use the entry form provided here.

In addition to other fantastic prizes your school has the opportuinity to get involved with Actionwork's International School Twinning programme. You could choose a country such as Mongolia, China, Russia, Myanmar, Iran, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Turkey or even Bhutan and help twin your school with a school there.

Combine your entries with a visit to your school of the National Anti Bullying Roadshow or have top specialists including the 'Bully Doctor' coming to talk with your students.


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