Actionwork Anti Bullying Week Competition 2013 sponsored by Groupcall. Wining entries.

The 2014 Anti Bullying Week Competition is now open. Details here

2013 Winning Entries below.
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During November and December every year Actionwork® holds a free competition for anti-bullying week.

Groupcall have sponsored the competition in 2013 and 2014. Groupcall said: "We were delighted and honoured to sponsor the Actionwork® Anti-Bullying Week Competition in November 2013. It was really interesting to see all the wonderful entries from so many schools across the country. Groupcall’s BATline helps to eradicate bullying in schools and we appreciate that getting the right message across to schools is so important – something that Actionwork® do tremendously well – keep up the good work"

In 2013 we had over 2500 entries from young people all over the UK and abroad that included films, pictures, poems, stories, gadgets and cartoons. The youngest entrant was 5-years old and the oldest was 18-years old. We would like to thank everyone for getting involved and for the fantastic entries received. The judges (which includes young people) decisions have been very hard. We have chosen 1 winner, 1 2nd place and 5 runner-ups all of whom recieve cash prizes. All of these finalists entries are shown below. We will be showcasing other entrants throughout the year and will be compiling many of them in our magazine Empower You.

Our winner was 11-year old Rachel Rissa from Barnfield South Academy in Luton, Bedfordshire. She has won £150 for herself and £150 for her school. The judges felt that her picture not only encapsulated the theme of the competition but was also original, graphically excellent and made you think about the issues involved.

The Director of Actionwork®, Dr Andy Hickson, will be presenting Rachel with her prize in due course, photos of the day will be showcased here soon. In the mean time see her winning entry below.

Thank you onced again to everyone who participated.

Below we have showcased the top 7 entries starting with our winner Rachel Rissa from Barnfield Academy in Luton.

Winner: Rachel Risa aged 11 who wins £300 (split 50/50 with her school).


Second place went to 7-year old Molly Haughton with the film 'Boudica and the Flea'. Molly wins £50.


The five runner up entrants, all who win £10, were: