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Kids Equality
All children are equal, and have human rights such as the right to food, shelter, health care, education and freedom from violence, neglect and exploitation. In all its work, both long-term development and emergency relief, Save the Children helps children to enjoy a happy, healthy and secure childhood.


I Power I

This site is dedicated to ensuring that there is adequate provision for young people in Bleadon. This includes schooling, youth club, play areas, activities, transport, and safety.

Bleadon is a beautiful place to live and a wonderful place to bring up children. There is lots of countryside; Hellenge Hill for example is a great place for children to explore and see the coast in all its glory.

Bleadon Sheep

Young people need more than a beautiful view. Bleadon is starting to get younger and we need to cater well for the children we have now and the children that will be here in the future.

Many of you for example might not know that Bleadon used to have a village school. This was closed some time ago on the understanding that Bleadon children would get priority to go to Uphill School. North Somerset Council along with Bleadon Parish Council have somehow negotiated away this right for Bleadon children without any consultation with Bleadon residents. Find out more here.

We will not only keep you up to date about eduacation matters that affect children in Bleadon, we will also bring you positive stories, a 'Whats On' guide for young people in Bleadon, and a comments page where you as a young person of Bleadon can have your say.

Bleadon Sheep

So please send us your stories and send us your photos of Bleadon and its young people. Let's show everyone what is great about Bleadon and the children of Bleadon.

See this page for some photos of Bleadon. Can you spot your house?

Breaking local news:

The Montessori First School in N orth Somerset that covers ages 2-7 years is closing.

For more details please see their website here